The mussels have spawned! The season is officially over & Harry is now taking a well earned break!

Next season’s mussels are happily growing in the cool salty waters of the aquaculture farm. Deliveries will commence early in December 2023 – please check the socials for updates. Thank you to all my valued customers for supporting the business over the last season.


A little mussel history

Mussels were first grown experimentally in the mid seventies using the spanish raft method. Ropes, with mussels attached would hang underneath a wooden raft which is attached to a mooring. To the left of Flinders pier, when looking out to sea, is where that raft was located. In the mid-eighties, mussel farms in Port Phillip were suffering from continual algal bloom which can affect the health of the mussel, and ours by consumption of affected mussels. Establishing a lease at Flinders was an obvious location to overcome this issue. By the late eighties mussels were being produced from flinders on a commercially successful basis.

The Flinders Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve was created in the mid nineties, an area of 440hectares. Development took off quite rapidly with farmers from Port Phillip establishing new farms. Deep water longline culture has been the preferred farm set up. It seemed at the time that this was the future for flinders, large scale mussel production. But it wasn’t to be.Flinders Mussels remains, and expanded operations in 2018, doubling its lease holdings.

Orders close 5pm Mondays

Please see map below for our approximate delivery area, if you’re outside this area and wish to order 10kg or more, please contact Harry. 

  • Melbourne orders are delivered on Wednesdays
  • Peninsula orders are delivered on Thursdays
  • Minimum order is 2kg for delivery
  • Delivery fee of $5 applies for all orders
  • Mussels are $12 per kilogram
  • Availability & delivery day may be affected due to weather
  • We need to know if someone will be home to collect – if not, please leave out an esky.