Mussels for everyone

Harry has supplied mussels directly to the general public from his boat, the Seahorse, at the Flinders wharf since 2000. Mussels are out of the water in the morning, on to your plate for lunch or dinner. You may need to wake him up, as a snooze in the sun between customers often beckons. Mussels are available from the boat seasonally, late December until mid-winter, when the mussels are on!

These are fabulous, fresh mussels. I remember these as the best mussel I have ever had in my life (for just $12 kg).

Jacques Reymond

Flinders Conchilia

To add to the Flinders Mussel experience Harry opened a food van 2016 called the Flinders Conchilia (the Conch). Located in the carpark of the Flinders foreshore, you can find Harry cooking and serving his finest for you to eat, by the beach. On the menu are his mussels served with Baker Boy’s crusty bread and your choice of a house-made laksa or napoli sauce. Once again, out of the water in the morning, and on to your plate for lunch. You bring the vino. The Conch is open seasonally.


As restaurants began to open as part of the Mornington Peninsula wine experience, a truly local market developed for Flinders Mussels. All good chefs like to use a local product, and Flinders Mussels are as local as you can get. We currently supply to some of the Peninsula’s top restaurants. Please note that availability is weather and rainfall dependent. For restaurant enquires please contact Harry. 

Some of the establishments we supply:

  • Donna Maria
  • Moke
  • Ten minutes by tractor
  • Petit Tracter
  • Max’s at Red hill estate
  • Montalto
  • Pt Leo estate
  • La fontalina
  • Lazzar’s
  • Volpino
  • Stumpy Gully
  • Jackalope
  • Bistro Elba
  • Tedesca
  • Somers Cafe
  • Sisters Cafe
  • Flinders Village Cafe

Harvesting is weather and rainfall dependent and available seasonally.
Check Instagram for updates.

If unsure, call Harry.